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Heavy Bottom Caps

Try an Adjustable Heavy Bottom Cap (ABC)
anywhere in the World

1 Month Trial


Try an ABC at Home/Band and Hear and Feel the benefits yourself.


The science is interesting, but actually trying an ABC is the real proof and that's where our 1 Month Without Obligation Approval facility Worldwide really helps.


We’re confident like Tom Hutchinson, Glenn Van Looy and Richard Marshal from Black Dyke, you’ll want to keep and use the ABC, but should you not want to keep it, simply return to us after the 1 Month Trial, to be received back at our factory within 14 days of the end of the 1 Month Trial and we’ll refund your ABC Payment within 48 hours of receiving it.

Adjustable Bottom Cap (ABC) - Heavyweight 4th Valve Bottom Cap

Reviewed by Dave Werden

On my forum and other places, euphonium players have discussed the benefit of replacing the standard bottom cap of the 4th valve with a heavier version.


Recently I learned of a line of heavy caps made for most valved brasses: the HBC (Heavy Bottom Cap) product. It was designed by musicians and beautifully made . . . .

Dave Werden and Heavy Bottom Caps
Heavy Bottom Caps

What our customers say about us…

Heavy Bottom Caps

A superbly engineered piece of kit really makes a difference in centring notes in all registers. I have settled with mine on the 3rd valve of my 1980 Sovereign cornet and can't wait to have one on my Stomvi trumpet!! Highly recommended – Sharon M

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