Heavy Bottom Caps . . . .

      THEY DO WORK?!      


 Based in the UK, we at HBC Engineering (a Division of Ray Farr Flugels) are the only Manufacturing Company in the world to offer the full range of Heavy Bottom Caps for all Makes and Models of Soprano Cornets, Cornets, Trumpets (Bb, Bb/C, D, D/Eb, F/G & Bb/A Piccolo & Bass) Flugels (3 Valve & 4 Valve) and Tenor Horns (sadly not Yamaha Tenor Horns as there's 

not enough room around the tubing!) 

PLUS our unique One Month Trial at Home, Rehearsals, 

Concerts and Gigs to enable you to see for yourself - Worldwide.

Please go to our Home Page and scroll down if you'd like to try one. 

Payment is through PayPal and we issue a 

Guaranteed Full Heavy Bottom Cap Purchase Price Refund offer in writing

if the Heavy Bottom Cap is not for you - it's your choice and nothing to lose.


A 3rd Valve Heavy Bottom Cap for Soprano Cornets, 

Cornets, Trumpets, Flugels and Tenor Horns 

finished in Bright Silver Plate is £68 

plus Delivery £4.95 UK, £9.95 Europe and £11.95 Rest of the World

* * * * * * * 

Thanks for your interest

Chris Waters - Designer 

(HBC Engineering - a Division of Ray Farr Flugels)

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